Friday, December 10, 2010

I've been Asked About Traffic

Yes. Its true, some people are wondering how to get traffic to their own blog.

I'm tired of the emails. Thats really not what I'm about. Good content will bring readers.

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5th Short Story Finished for the Year

Finally, I'm complete with my first iteration of 3 short stories. If you just started reading (and I know, I'm sporadic at best); then this was my plan:

Firstly, I would write three short stories, each one focusing on a different part of my writing style that I think I needed to develop.

1) Voice: I wanted to define the mood and overall disposition with which I executed my writing. My voice constantly changes, but has some core fundamental concepts that are 90% of the time, homogeneous in my writing. A friend who read a short story stated that it reminded her of Film Noir. I would like to think that my voice alternates between that, action-intensity, and epic description typical of High Fantasy.

2) Conflict Resolution: More of a technical aspect. I've become better acquainted with myself as a writer. I'm now able to develop a source-sheet for a project, to prevent me from going on tangent, while at the same time, not being restricted to whats down in the outline.

3) Theme: A big one. My work must pass-along a greater message. Something deeper than the text itself, appealing to emotion, deep intellect, or even something more. Very small target, but I think I'm getting there in  my own way.

Then, after this first series of three is complete, I would try to sum them up in one project:

4) A project that tries to combine all aspects of the first three short stories into one.

Following this; I would execute two more projects to tackle stylistic elements that can be attributed to any genre; although I would argue that the result would be a new genre or sub-genre. Both of these style elements are common in my chosen genre(s) [if it can be considered that I have one].

5) Satire. Using humor in my writing to make a social or political statement.

6) Dark. Unfortunately, far too much of my work ends up being 'dark' and my heroes find defeat easier than they do victory. If thats my standard, I shudder to think what my 'dark' is.

And finally, just a 7th project to wrap it all up.

7) Last Project. My choice. Just an open-ended project.

Now that I've finished project #3; I'm going to begin work on the Satire Piece, and maybe start sourcing for Project 4. However, I've had a concept sheet for a novel laid out for about 3 months now, and that is begging of my attention, so I may opt to start it, and work on projects 4, 6, and 7; when writer's block strikes.

Thanks for reading! Now I'm off to mail this to F&SF Magazine. Wish me luck

Thursday, November 4, 2010

UFOs, Aliens, and More!!!

Oh My!

Taking a Short Break; probably just until tommorrow (for a total of one week), before I begin work on my 3rd Short Story for the fall. This one is a much more in-depth character story with deep focus.

However, I don't want to get too much into that.

Are you bored? Check out my Alien Abduction Site, currently, I'm running a story, as related to me by a man in Florida, who has been having strange encounters. The episodes are revealed through regressive hypnosis, and the transcripts seem genuine (thus why I run them). So stop on by, if you can!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Gearing up for my 3rd Short Story

Once again, this one is already written, as I've gotten extensive notes on it in my scratch book. The story focuses heavy on the element of theme, and emotional appeal to readers. The plot is very simplistic, and though set to a science fiction backdrop, could easily happen in any setting/genre. The idea is that a man returns to Earth (his home) to attend his father's funeral, and face personal demons.

This is quite the turn about for me, as I've never been one so serious about melodrama, but I came up with a theme that I think all people can identify with. That I know all identify with. We all want to be successful, and the vast majority fall short of what we define as such. In the end, success has an internal definition.

I think it should be a very entertaining read, and maybe more likely to be picked up because of its character focus, rather than its battle/world focus.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

One More Story Bites the Dust

Okay, so I finished my second short. This one is concentrated on  the concept of clear establishment of conflict, and defined resolution. While the plot and theme aren't to complex, it was an easy and enjoyable write, and has very interesting action sequences.

It takes place in Kiev, and the antagonists are...Giant Ants! If it gets picked up, I'll make sure to let you guys know!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sons of Anarchy

Okay, while I'm working on my next short story, I thought I would write about this. Anyone here watch Sons of Anarchy? Its a show about an Outlaw Motorcycle Gang in Northern California. Its got elements of action, but is really centered on the inter-character drama that happens within the gang, and focuses somewhat on the criminal element of the gang.

I love the show, but it reminds me of a quote I read recently. "People read books for company, not for plot." While SoA has a great plot, and could be potentially a great action piece, or great crime bit, in only touches on those issues. In exchange, it focuses on the development of the characters.

I'd love it if it took a more Active bent, but I understand why they made it like it is. After all
, it is high-up there in ratings. However, they could achieve a better mix if they had a higher budget (BattleStar Galactica, after all was a decent mix of an active plot and drama, and was critically acclaimed). But I'm starting to think thats not where Kurt Sutter is wanting to go with this.

Still, I'm addicted.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


I'm about to get a soda from the store, and work on my next short story project. Hopefully have it finished before Monday morning. I think this one will be a good story.

Its focused on the Conflict & Conflict Resolution aspect that I need to develop, it has a really defined concept, and an especially defined conflict. The narrative flows like water, logically so far, and will end in a way that will support the protagonist.

However, I've already written the outline for the third project. And this one may be a bit unusual, but I had to think really hard to get a story with theme in. I came up with a theme, a very deep-seated personal one. Its conflict is not so clear cut, and no violence is involved in the story. Hopefully it will show my depth and breadth as a writer, and some publisher will pick it up.

Really...I hope all of my stories will be picked up. :) I'm confident though, there are a few gems in the rough here and there.

Lastly, on a personal note, I'm happy with life. I've had some personal problems, but I finally feel recovered from them, and that I've moved on successfully. I will soon out-pace anyone who had their chips against me.