Saturday, January 30, 2010

Starting a Charity Organization

Just putting up a blog post before I return to trying to continue writing my novel. If you've been keeping up with this blog you know about the novel, or, in so much as I will tell you. However, if you are new, the Novel is going to be an apolitical view of an outbreak of a deadly aggressive disease in a special world. There is another great twist, but I don't wanna give that away. I think though, it should have some positive response from the publishing industry.

If you like this idea, please comment or stumble this blog!

However, as to other news, I'm in the process of incorporating my own charitable organization. Our mission statement is to preserve certain historical landmarks in downtown Atlanta (notably the Rose House; see the film we made), provide some economic benefit to the community, and donate any proceeds from the process to charity.

Using the funds raised, we will not only start a cultural awareness campaign for the Rose House (website), but we will attempt to buy or lease the home, restore it, and commercialize it. Commercial ideas include a downtown Ghost Tour; A Bar; and a special option for renting rooms in the 'haunted' house. All proceeds from these actions, minus a reservation for expansion and emergency of 30%, shall go to local Atlanta Foodbanks and Homeless Shelters.

So we could definately use any support that you could give!

If you want to contribute at this early stage, in either administration or a direct contribution, email me at Im definately looking for someone who can offer some help in the formation of a 501(c) charitable organization.

This same email is my paypal address, should you wish to make a direct contribution. This is my personal account, and any money gained this way is earmarked directly for use in forming the 501(c) organization. After that, we will start a seperate paypal, etc, and should have full information about what is and is not a tax deduction.

Currently, I'm looking to $250 for the use in formation of the corporation. I will update this blog as that becomes reality.


Had inspiration. So I wrote. I decided I would share it with you. Pretty raw, don't judge me.

-Depression clings to the air around him,

-He is dead on the inside, like so many of his kin.

-His once youthful physique now strained, and his ego subsides,

-His motivation gone, acquiescent to his loss of drive.

-The proud heir to Kingdoms long forgotten,

-Kingdoms burnt down by those closest to him.

-His forehead has lines of tension and stress,

-His heart filled with losses and betrayals still fresh.

-His eyes glaze over, and he is lost in thought,

-Lost in former glories, and treasures once had, now lost.

-He gives up the fight, passing it down to his seed,

-But his line is lost, and only he will grieve.
(C) CSE 2010
Who is it about? Who do you think its about?

Friday, January 29, 2010

Real Life Superheroes

I should be writing. I definately will write a good bit more this weekend. I just caught an interesting piece this morning, about people who dressed up and masqueraded as 'Real Life Superheroes'. Anyone have any information on this phenomenon?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Four Roses

Hey guys! Finally finished the blooper reel for the Four Rose project, and now can return to working on my novel again. The projects never stop though, so I have to learn how to dedicate a portion of my time to new projects and my novel, all at the same time.

Anyhow, it will soon be available on Amazon for purchase.

Want to see the Four Rose movie for free? Click Here

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

State of the Union

Hey everyone. Just took a break from working on the blooper reel for Four Roses, to watch the State of the Union. I found it very moving, definately the best one I've seen since I've been watching them.

Times are tough. But it's getting better.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Civilization IV

In my quest to better understand Civilization IV, so that I could develope a mod for it, this weekend, I've been playing it, with a vengeance. Including, and especially, the Fall from Heaven Mod and Orbis Mods. If you are at all familiar with what I'm talking about, you already know.

Anyhow, hopefully by tonight, I will have made some more progress on the blooper reel, and by Wensday I hope to finish another 4k words for my novel. If not more so.

For more info on Civ:

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Secondary Projects

I trully believe one of the best cures for writer's block, without a loss of productivity, is having an established list of secondary projects. These projects should be completely seperate entities, from the project your trying to overcome. Thus, blogs, marketing, and other associated material will not help you overcome writing block on a project.

I recently wrote another nice Short Story, and mailed it today (with any luck I will be telling you who picked it up in a few weeks). But I've noticed that it has re-invigorated me towards working on my novel. Why does this happen? Why do our brains work like that?

I think one good thing, is when you write something else, or work on another project, you start to identify with that project, and maybe come up with good bits for it. And sometimes you might be able to apply those bits to another project. For instance, I found a really good chapter opener which I plan to modify and re-use in several other writing projects of mine. Thats just an example.

However working on another project should never take the place of exposing yourself to other media or works by other people. You need those alternate points of view, because frankly, you will never get them anywhere else. But projects do not reduce your productivity, because you can always use those for something. I find myself writing several short stories while working on the novel, and if only 25% of them get picked up, that might be close to a $1000 I wouldn't have otherwise. Plus, in the future, I still have the other shorts, and I can either self-publish them, or try to market them to other magazines.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

They Came from the Woods

Im working on a great new Short Story. I've titled it, "They Came from the Woods". It should be a decent read, I'm really enjoying writing it. Its a modern horror story, with some fantasy elements. Its a unique take on the concept of the 'Unseelie Court'.

I'll keep you guys informed when it gets picked up. Go ahead and follow my blog!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Okay, so its been a good bit of time since I've posted a movie review. I only do this, as according with my philosophy, I believe movies and other people's creations are a great way to break writer's block. Even if you don't neccessarily enjoy what you watched. You can check out my archive for an article about this from October 2009.

Anyhow, Daybreakers. Where to begin? Firstly, I didnt like it. I didn't dislike it either. It was mildly entertaining, but I wouldn't neccessarily pay money to see it. Certainly not as good as Avatar, which I suppose I will do a review of tommorrow.

Essentially its a movie about Vampires ruling the world, and using the Humans as a food supply. They apparently drain the humans too quick, and the humans begin to die. Thus, they now have a crisis with their blood supply.

Its a thinly veiled commentary about oil consumption. And really not all that impressive of one either. There are several logical flaws that quickly come about.

Firstly, are you telling me a society of vampires would be too stupid to control their population growth, or more importantly, to only drain safe amounts of blood from a person? The average 150 pound person can be drained of a quart, if in medical environment, and survive, and replenish it within 10 or 11 days. So drain 1/12th of a quart of blood per day from each human, just to be on the safe side. The city of Stone Mountain has some 12,000 people, thats 1000 quarts of blood drained per day.

But we can excuse this lack of logic for the sake of the message they try to convey? In all honesty, I don't believe so. The parallel is flimsy at best. Oil is a need for our society, but in terms of daily consumption, we can vastly reduce the amount of daily consumption of petrol. And even if one day all the petrol 'stopped', which it will, we would face massive unrest, famine, and probably war. But in truth, we would probably replace just in time shipping with coal-powered train shipping. Most people would be paid far less. Standards of living would drop. But life would go on.

So, see it? Only if you like poorly constructed Vampire movies. Seriously.

What should you see in its place?

Four Roses

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Four Roses

Okay, so I've finally done it! We've completed our short film, it is 5 minutes long, and is a creative documentary. That being said, it clearly defines some history behind the location, the Rufus Rose House, but takes some artistic liberty with telling parts of the story. It should be clear what liberties have been taken.

However, for the most part, everything here is either based on Fact, or personal observation from Ghost Hunts I've done at the House. I hope you guys enjoy!

Four Roses

So now you ask, whats next? Well, I've got to get the comic updated this month, we are a bit behind. I'm also returning to work on my novel, and hopefully, I am begginning planning on a modification to the game Civilization IV, based upon my Fictional Setting.

So, stay tuned!

Please, check out the Film! Click above!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sedallia Volume 2

Well, ladies and gentlemen, firstly, I want to thank you for reading my blog. It has been a great launchpad for my other blogs, and a great tool for explaining and promoting new projects at Crimson Star. I hope many of you are coming to trully like the free comic we offer at the site, and many of you will become fans. If it isn't an inconvenience, please show your support by signing up for our mailing list.
Also, if it is of interest to you, we now have Volume 2 of Sedallia: Land of Sails, for sale on Amazon!

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Sedallia: Land of Sails

Also available, signed copies.

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Monday, January 4, 2010

My Struggle with Writer's Block Continues

Im determined to battle my way through it. I certainly have alot on my plate with the various projects and the freelance work I, occassionally, do. However, I don't want my writing to suffer for it. But more importantly, I dont want my readers to suffer for it either.

So today, I have no shooting to go to (most this weekend I was involved in shooting, in downtown Atlanta and in Dunwoody). Really I'll I have on my plate is to update my blogs, do a little bit of markeing, and write. I have a feeling, however, tht my writing will not be so good. I feel an incredible lack of connection with the story.

So, I plan to watch a zombie related movie (Diary of the Dead) and then I will force myself through my current break. Hopefully, tommorrow, I will post something success oriented!