Saturday, January 30, 2010


Had inspiration. So I wrote. I decided I would share it with you. Pretty raw, don't judge me.

-Depression clings to the air around him,

-He is dead on the inside, like so many of his kin.

-His once youthful physique now strained, and his ego subsides,

-His motivation gone, acquiescent to his loss of drive.

-The proud heir to Kingdoms long forgotten,

-Kingdoms burnt down by those closest to him.

-His forehead has lines of tension and stress,

-His heart filled with losses and betrayals still fresh.

-His eyes glaze over, and he is lost in thought,

-Lost in former glories, and treasures once had, now lost.

-He gives up the fight, passing it down to his seed,

-But his line is lost, and only he will grieve.
(C) CSE 2010
Who is it about? Who do you think its about?

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