Monday, January 4, 2010

My Struggle with Writer's Block Continues

Im determined to battle my way through it. I certainly have alot on my plate with the various projects and the freelance work I, occassionally, do. However, I don't want my writing to suffer for it. But more importantly, I dont want my readers to suffer for it either.

So today, I have no shooting to go to (most this weekend I was involved in shooting, in downtown Atlanta and in Dunwoody). Really I'll I have on my plate is to update my blogs, do a little bit of markeing, and write. I have a feeling, however, tht my writing will not be so good. I feel an incredible lack of connection with the story.

So, I plan to watch a zombie related movie (Diary of the Dead) and then I will force myself through my current break. Hopefully, tommorrow, I will post something success oriented!


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