Saturday, October 16, 2010


I'm about to get a soda from the store, and work on my next short story project. Hopefully have it finished before Monday morning. I think this one will be a good story.

Its focused on the Conflict & Conflict Resolution aspect that I need to develop, it has a really defined concept, and an especially defined conflict. The narrative flows like water, logically so far, and will end in a way that will support the protagonist.

However, I've already written the outline for the third project. And this one may be a bit unusual, but I had to think really hard to get a story with theme in. I came up with a theme, a very deep-seated personal one. Its conflict is not so clear cut, and no violence is involved in the story. Hopefully it will show my depth and breadth as a writer, and some publisher will pick it up.

Really...I hope all of my stories will be picked up. :) I'm confident though, there are a few gems in the rough here and there.

Lastly, on a personal note, I'm happy with life. I've had some personal problems, but I finally feel recovered from them, and that I've moved on successfully. I will soon out-pace anyone who had their chips against me.

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