Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Short Stories

So I just finished reading Ken Liu's Literomancer in the Sept/Oct Issue of Fantasy & Science Fiction Magazine. Its a very compelling, moving piece, and I thought I would share that with you guys.

Yes, I'm still working on my writing career, and yes I still want to do something in Movies/Television. Currently, I'm studying at GSU, while at the same time taking any spare time I have to network, and write my own short stories.

I've decided to set aside my Zombie Novel, after coming to an impasse in the story. I realized I had no overall plot arch, no theme, and my voice was ill-developed as an author. So, I'm returning to Short Stories as a means to develop my style and my voice.

I'm hoping in time that I come into my own. I have a great concept (including a plot layout and char sourcing sheets) for my first novel work. I plan to make a novel and screen play out of it, but before I attempt to do that, I'm tackling three Short Stories, each dealing with a major issue I want resolved.

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