Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Novel Work

I've gotten on a roll writing. I usually put in one or two hours per day, three to four days a week, of writing. It works out fairly well. Of course, the hard part will be shopping it to potential publishers. So stay tuned with me on that front.

The Rufus Rose Charity has raised $12 so far, and I thank you, if you've contributed! Remember, your donation will go to the incorporation of the charity organization. The charity itself will go towards the preservation of the Rufus Rose House. We are tentatively calling it the 'Four Rose' charity, though this is dependent upon whether or not this naming convention is registered already with the secretary of ga.

Wish to donate?

Can't donate? Take a look at our short film, and make sure to tell your friends!!! Please stumble this post to get some traction built!

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