Sunday, February 28, 2010

Horror Film Contest

Okay, so I was watching Dawn of the Dead this weekend, to try to inspire me to contine working on my novel. This month, March, I will be taking it through to completion, hopefully by Mid April, I will be finished.

Anyhow, I was watching Dawn of the Dead, and then I watched a low-budget movie that I picked up from a walmart about a year ago. And a spark of brilliance hit me, I want to have a Short Film Contest.

I call it "Two-Minute Screamer". The contest begins on March 1st, and Ends on March 15, 2010. Here are the conditions, you are to make a short film, two minutes long, of a scary/horror concept. However, youare restricted to only using props and products around the house, and volunteers as labor (if any).

Its essentially a zero-budget film, with one exception. Anything related to the actual purchase of the camera, batteries, electric bills, etc.

So what does the winner get? An autographed copy of our Four-Roses Film mailed to you, and publishing of your short film on our website! Its all the motivation any film-maker should need!

Email all questions and entries here.

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