Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Crimson Star March

Heya guys and gals. Dudes and dolls. Just a relaxing Wensday Afternoon for yours trully, the Emperor.

Okay, a bit about what is going on,and what we are doing. Firstly, the second film in the Haunted Atlanta Series, focusing on the Historic Village Inn Bed & Breakfast, has reached a major block. The owner/manager of the building doesn't seem to answer their emails often. Im going to send one more email, to try to connect with them.

Alright, so whats going on with my book? Its making good time. Currently Im conducting a little bit of research., while writing over the part that I need to research. I have a very strict deadline, being April 15th, my birthday. Hopefully Ill coplete it by that time.

What else? We are currently in the sourcing phase for our first fictional short film. I can't tell you too much about it, in muh the same way that I can't tell you guys about my book. But stay tuned, and you will get to see it this summer!

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