Friday, March 19, 2010

Horror Film Contest

Unfortuately, things didn't go as planned. Didn't really get the outpouring from the community I wanted, but thats alright. Im going to try to re-attempt this contest over the summer, after we put out our Zombie Short Film.

Its funny, I can sense the lack of motivation from my team, as I progress, and in turn, it causes me to be un-motivated. I have to find a way to remotivate my team, and get things going again. Its like hittng a wall when your running, you have to push through it, and finish the next lap, even if its one step at a time.

Okay, so what is new? I saw Cabin Fever II. In my opinion its not even worth your purchase, everything about it is so week, and not worth the money. The plot-line is cliche, and most of the acting is bad. Sometimes it seems like that some parts of the movie were intentionally made for nudity and sexuality. Its almost funny, but it never reaches that point, and frankly, it just sucks. I'll put the link up, just in case your interested...or sadistic.

About the only redeeming quality to the whole film is the main actor. I can't remember his name, but he plays his role really well. I hope he gets picked out of ths, and goes on to mke other things.

What else? Still reading my zombie steampunk book, and working on my own. Horrible bit of anti-motivation now...

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