Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Freebies & Blogging

Hey everyone. Just touching base with my readers, what few of you there are!

First of all, I would like to go ahead and point you this direction:

Suvudu Library

Listed in this link are several free books for download, including one by RA Salvatore. If your familiar with the Forgotten Realms and Drizzt Do'Urden, then your familiar with the works of Salvatore. Apparently the book is apart of his Demon Wars series, at least thats what I think it is called.

Nextly, I often get some similiar questions from my friends. Frankly, how to write a good blog, and how do I keep up coming up with unique content day after day. I mean, it makes sense, eventually, you would run out of things to talk about, right?

Yes of course, but hopefully, at that point you might have enough resource to purchase a blog post, at least one new one a week. You can usually get a 500 word post for about $10 and a backlink, maybe less if it is a new, untested writer.

But before you as a blogger, can get to that point, you must first write your own blogs. The first thing you should do, is dedicate a notebook. Whenever you see or read about a topic you think would be worth bloggin about, you should write it down in your notebook.

Then when your ready to sit down and write; look through your notebook and choose those topics that you think will be interesting to write about. Put it in your voice, but make it appeal to the reader. Notice how I am giving YOU some tips on how to write, not explaining the process by which I write. Eiter one will work, but talking to the audience directly is more effective.

However, blogging about things that happen to you in your everyday life, or about your dog or cat, will not appeal to the audience, unless you have some unique element to your lifestyle. So unless you are trekking through the amazon, writing a novel, or curing cancer we don't care. And we really don't care about fluffy humping your leg. Dont write about it, unless its for you!

Once you get past this, then you come to the minutia, ie make sure you check spelling and don't sound like a moron. Don't offend you audience. And always read your columns.

When you have something funny to say (or meaningful), incorporate it into the lesson you are giving the audience. It works much better, and it is those little elements, and those stories about your life (when successfully incorporated) that will add character to your blog!

Nextly, another comment exercise! Tell me some of the stupid Halloween Jokes you've heard. Ill go ahead and start off!

What am I going for this Halloween?

Im going to buy an Affliction Tshirt and go as a Jackass!

All credit for that Joke goes to Specialist Mac in my unit, the 178th MP Company out of Monroe, Ga. That doesnt make it any less funny! Anyhow, go ahead and it me with your comments!

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  1. Yeah, notebooks are a good idea. Trying to remember what you wrote down and what sounds good now, before you peek, is also a good idea.