Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Small Post

Hey Everybody!

Im still busy at work with my novella, as well as my other projects. About my new manuscript though, I will tell you it is about a Police Officer in a not-so distant, much more utopian future, and a resulting outbreak of zombies. Ive got great plans on how to promote this, and some ideas for free events in the Atlanta area during Halloween 2010! I know, Im far-sighted!

Okay I've got two questions for those of you out there. Firstly, I recently discovered a Steam Punk novel that features Zombies. What are your opinions about horror being crossed with other strains of fiction to form hybrid fiction? Most of them cross anyhow with science fiction, but there is a basis for Zombies to exist in fantasy fiction (I.E. Necromancy). Just rattling the old braincage, but what are some ideas about Zombies that we have yet to see?

Second question, what are your opinions of the game Human Vs Zombies? Ive seen it played online, and I want to include it in my Halloween 2010 stuff. Opinions?

Also, please take a second to subscribe to me, and comment. I'd really love to get some input about my blog. Anyhow, like I said, this was to be a short, unedited post. I hope it doesn't show too much!

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