Saturday, October 17, 2009

Insomnia Sucks

Hey yall, its me. Can't sleep, sometimes I have a hard time sleeping but its okay.

However, this did give me a chance to catch up on a story board for a new comic book that we will be publishing via Ill go ahead and give you some info now. Two projects. The first will be a free internet serial, four frames per month, published once month, until I get enough capital to higher a web master. At that point, it'll go to one frame a week. This free comic will take place in the Fantasy Kingdom of Eavton, which is in the same world as our Sedallia setting, just a few 1000 miles north. It will concern a soldier who is seperated from his unit, and finds a ring of some power.

A little pre-production note, the original intention was for the eComic to be about a US Soldier in a fictional nation called Kiraqastan, in the future about 10 years or so. However, we felt this would be too climately charged. So I am leaving it open to suggestion. Would you rather see a fantasy variant? Or a futuristic version that hits somewhat close to home? Current project title is Nightshade: Northern Ghost.

The second will be avialable as an eComic for $.99 on our products page, once a month, and we hope to put together a 22-page trade in a year or so. As to print, I have no idea how much that will cost at this point in time, though I imagine $2.99 MSRP wouldn't be so far off the mark.

The second series, which has the storyboard filled out, is untitled as of yet. It will be a more adult-oriented title, and some issues may be explicit. Those for general order, though they have some great art, won't be. The Explicit titles will have to be direct order.

The title will revolve around a female tracker and hunter, who is hired to map the land north of Eavton. What she finds there horrifies her, and she soon falls victim to the predations of the Shadow Lord, who is the Dark Lord of Astergoth, and is witness to his war machine.

Should all in all, be some great titles!

Im still drawing up some conceptual manuscripts for my next writing project. Nothing more to say on that!

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