Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Emperor & Eavton

Oh, so I'm taking a break from writing the novel, to finish up a short story I'm working on. Its quite good, in my opinion, so hopefully it will get some notice. It's also the same setting that the webcomic takes place in. The setting is set in the same world as my Sedallia Campaign Setting, and is called Eavton.

The goal is to gain a little bit of momentum and fandom for the setting. Hopefully that way I could introduce a setting bible for it, and sell it on the website. But another thing I would like to see, is to use a publisher to push a comic, based on the setting, specifically one of the characters in the short story. But included in the editorial sections of the comic would be campaign info...I'm even thinking of including a fantasy stock exchange game in the comic.

Interesting ideas yes? Here is a preview. And if you are from Realms of Fantasy Mag, hit me up at as you are the first guys I'm marketing this too. The Short Story that is.

Untitled Short Story
Copywrite 2009 Chris Patrick
Despair gripped the heart of Kade, like an icy hand choking him, as he forced back the sad sensation that would only lead to tears. He took a minute and concentrated on the droplets of water falling from a nearby leaf, and the smell of rain and vegetation that permeated this place. It helped clear his mind, and washed away the doubt. It was a cool summer rain in the midst of the Great Red Wood, and Kade was preparing to rob a travelling merchant, who also served as a messenger for the Emperor of Eavton.
You see, Kade wasn’t your normal bandit or highwayman. He despised bandits, and in an earlier part of his life, had worked often times against them. However, that was then, and this was now. Now, he had to make him pay. There would be blood.
He simply nodded to his co-conspirator at the other side of the valley as the caravan appeared on the horizon. The man nodded, as he knew his part in this. He prepared a thick sturdy broad-head arrow, one that would temporarily stop the caravan when it came close enough. Despite having turned to banditry, he had no intention to kill this man. Not unless he had to.
The messenger still wore the sigil of Imperial Service, which made Kade feel that much more of a traitor. The arrow was released, and lodged into the side of the wagon with a dull thud. The wagon pulled forward even as the man looked over to see what had happened. As the wagon lurched forward, the arrow lodged itself so that the wagon wheel bent outward as it pressed on. Then, under such strain, the iron casting holding the wheel to the axle broke, and the wagon plopped down to the ground, digging itself deep into the muddy earth.
By this time, Kade was moving quickly, as silently as he could towards the wagon. As the messenger got off to curse his luck, and examine the strange ‘stick’ he had run over, Kade was already waiting for him. The man looked shocked as he Kade stole out of the bush, leveling a crossbow at him.
“ I want is your money, not your life. But, if it’s you or me…I won’t think twice.” There was a look of cold steel in his eyes. The man smiled, almost as if he was sure there was no way Kade would harm him.
“I’m a messenger of the Emperor…this is a grave offense you committed. The Emperor will hear of this personally, and you will be sought out for this.” He then even dared to grin as he pointed to the Imperial Writ that hung from his left shoulder.
Kade nodded, his face unchanging, his demeanor unflinching, “I know. I let a dozen caravans pass today…I was waiting for you.”
Very quickly the messenger’s expression changed as he realized that Kade wasn’t a normal highwayman. There was something more to this. And then, the messenger realized the danger he was in, and felt a fear he hadn’t before in his life. He had been targeted. Kade wasn’t a bandit. He had a score to settle…a plan to execute, and the messenger feared for his part in that plan.

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