Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New Crimson Star Projects

Oh, 2010 has a few new things we are working towards to give yall some things to look forward to. I suppose most of these items are still tenative. For many of these projects, this will be a first mention. For others, this will be what seems like the 30th time.

Emperor's Newest Book: The aforementioned zombie novel. Im still working hard on this one, but rather than the 10,000 words a week I need, I've managing around 5000. I will kick it up a notch or two, but I dont want to rush the story.

Short Stories: Hopefully many more short stories to come from me. However it depends entirely upon my ability to develop my craft as well as sell my stories.

New Campaign Setting: Working on the Fantasy Campaign Setting, the Eavton Setting. Its the same setting that the Knight Spectre comic is based in. And of course, you will see much more of Knight Spectre in the coming months.

Haunted Atlanta: A series of miniature thematic documentaries that we are working on. Mostly focusing on the many hauntings that I cover in my Ghost Blog.

In around Summer of 2010, we are gearing up to shoot some promotional films for a Ghost Tour we will be offering in the Atlanta Area. The Ghost tours will be cheap, and a great experience. The hope is that via the tours, we raise enough money to throw a party that we are calling Zombiefest 2010. Zombiefest will have a large game of Humans Vs Zombies, a Vampire Dinnery Mystery for interested parties, and a screening room and booths to buy our books, pizza, drinks, and movies. It should be great fun, however it will be in the Atlanta Area.

However, to make this a reality, I am now considering selling some portion of equity in the business, or taking a loan. If you have any details, or any offers feel free to email me at Emperor@CrimsonStarEntertainment.com Please put "Freelance Finance" in the subject line for consideration.

Of course if you want to contribute, but don't have that much cash, sign up for our mailing list, and keep track of us. It will help us sell advertising, like google adsense, where we get paid for clicks on the google links. If you really wanna help, you can always donate a small amount, or buy one of our products!

Thanks so much and stay tuned!

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