Monday, November 9, 2009

Crimson Star Entertainment: New Project & Fourth Kind Review

Im so excited. Only a day or two before I put up the first page of our newest project. I've decided on a name for it, Knight Spectre...or possibly Night Spectre, Im still debating that fine point.

But hey, I've got the rest of it plotted out. As I explained before, it deals with a Local Lord who has led his troops into battle. Tragedy befalls them, and he finds an artifact of great power, after being stranded behind enemy lines. After he manages to survive, he runs a geurilla war against the enemy.

Either way, it should be a great comic. When I get the final print in, I'll put a preview on both Squidoo and the site. So yall should definately check it out when its up.

So today, I saw the Fourth Kind. Once again, if you read my blog earlier, I often use the movies as a way to recharge my creative batteries. I had seen the previews for this movie earlier this year and was generally excited about it.

I will admit,the movie was chilling at times. It definately had a good bit of fright element, but the story was lacking more than I would have liked. Overall though, it didnt detract too much from the movie. If your familiar with the movie, at this point your shaking your head at my story comment 'It's based on real events', you would say.

Well, not quite. Go ahead, do a Google Search for Abigial Tyler and Nome Alaska. You will not find any support documentation. At most, you will find a website for Alaska Psychiatric Journal, which gives a bogus biography of her. However, this site domain was purchased in August of 2009, and has no other information dealing with the Psychiatric trade.

And while Nome did have some 22 mysterious disappearances, authorities determined that the vast majority of them were the result of alcoholism and harsh temperatures.

However, this does not stop the movie's producer and writer from going as far as he can to push the movie as real. Everything from showing off the archival footage, to having Ms. Jovavich give us an introductory out of character explanation that this is based on real case studies. The footage at first seems real, but you soon get the feeling that it isn't. If this footage was real, it would have already made some waves before hand.

Im interested in abduction theories, and know the story of Betty and Barney Hill almost by heart, why would this story, with such evidence, escape me? Escape everyone?

Either way. The movie is not so scary, the 'plot' is okay. But the deception is unacceptable. Im tired of these Blair Witch promotion tactics. At this point, Im discrediting the whole story, and recommending that you don't see it. Save your money. See Paranormal Activity instead.

If you have any infomation about this movie that you think will sway me, feel free to send it to me:

I hope you readers found this useful! Ill see yall next time!

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