Thursday, November 12, 2009

Crimson Star Freebies!

Yup! Its that time again! Time for me to give you, my readers, more free stuff! Beyond just my rants and raves that I put here. I hope you guys enjoy it!

Today's freebie is the Emperor's Arcane. Just a little bit of a rules segment, for you D&D and RPG players. It modifies the D20 system, so that you have a point-based spell casting system, instead of the traditional Vancian system that is used. Its a simple system once you get used to how it works.

Click Here

I hope this will hold yall over until I can get the first issue of Knight Spectre out. Maybe Ill call it Knight Spectre X...for marketing sake. God, Im hilarious. Can you stand it? I know I barely can.

Anyhow, if you like that product, you will probably like my other book, Sedallia: Land of Sails. It sells in PDF format for only $2.99, so click the button below to pick it up!

Sedallia Campaign Setting

Also, leave comments of what you think bout my book!

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