Thursday, November 5, 2009

Next RPG Project

Okay, so in addition to the book I'm writing, and everything else Im doing, Im going to start a second RPG Project, probably around February. This one will be a spiritual sequel to my first project: Sedallia: Land of Sails.

In Sedallia: LOS, I present a modular campaign setting, involving the fictional island subcontinent of Sedallia. However, being modular, it was designed to be inserted into any campaign or roleplaying game, and make sense. It involves an Elven Empire with much steampunk influence. It creates a unique setting where you will find everything from Elven Colonialism, and Elven Mafia Organization, to even a Halfling Nomadic Community near the capital, who live, work, and love aboard their house/fishing ships. Here is a picture of one of these Halflings, made by Shaelrion in one of our many late night discussions.

Okay, so now you say, "Aight Emp! I get it, you want us to know about the old setting. I got that much...I'm a fan..." Okay, so maybe you don't say this, but a guy can dream right. Anyhow I imagine you waiting on the edge of your seat, " tell us about the new Project!!!"

As I said its the Spiritual Sequel to Sedallia: LOS, and will be called Seri: Island Empires, followed by Seri: Darkness in the North; and Seri: Southern War. Once these are produced, they will detail the entire planet of Seri IV, to include the two continents and the large island zone between them.

So what is Island Empires? It details the nations of Sedallia, Nagata, and a few other minor nations who have spread amongst the islands and archipalagoes that occupy the equator of the planet. It will also cover, in far more detail, the complex economy and technology that Sedallia has as it's disposal, and will expand on the economic rules presented in Sedallia: LOS.

The newest items will sell for $2.99 each as ebooks, while I will also offer a consolidated volume of all books for $4.99! Either way, though, you get a definate worthwhile product that will enhance your gaming sessions!

But definately; leave comments! And look forward to future competitions to promote the new books!

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