Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Reading List & Why You Need One

One of the main tasks of a writer is to read. From reading I can understand the new climate in literature, and provide reviews. More imporantly though, I can then read reviews from readers and adjust my writing to meet the market, if I think it's worthwhile.

Well, I came across a book called BoneShaker, which is a fantasy novel that combines two of my favorite elements, Zombies and Steampunk fiction. Involved in the book is the city of Seattle, devestated and left as a wasteland full of...you guessed it...zombies.

As you can see, with my current project, a science fiction zombie novel, I should hopefully gain some idea of what the audience wants, and go on to develope my own concept. If you are a writer, I would recommend that you develope a writing list as well. This list will help you develope your writing, and definately connect you to your potential audience as you review it, and seek out reviews.

So not only will you be refining your concept, but you will be, in effect, marketing your book, long before you have it written. Its a great practice, and can only help your writing. Then again, any reading is good reading!


  1. I agree. Writers should read deeply and broadly. They mustn't forget the old books that have gone through different filters than the ones we're accustomed to today. That means if one of those zombies wrote a book...perhaps we should read it too.

  2. A first-person Zombie book, eh? Hmmm...