Monday, November 16, 2009

New Vampiric Mythopeia

Okay, if your familiar with the term Mythopeia, skip this first paragraph. If your not, its pretty simple concept to grasp, but fairly hard to trully comprehend. A mythopiea, as described by JRR Tolkien, is the collected information that goes into building a setting, but can also include the references that go into the creation of that setting. However the Mythopeia is so much more complex.

That being said, I created a new concept for Vampiric Lore. Why? Because I had been planning this for sometime, and unfortunately, I have come to another small writer's block. So I am going give you some background on the Vampiric Mythos I've created.

My Vampires are called Scythian Vampires. The, like other Vampires, need to feed on blood, but once they do feed, they can choose to pass on the Scynthian Virus, though they don't have to.

When a person contracts the disease, a select few (in a definate minority, usually 40% or less) will fight off the disease initially. However those that succumb to the disease slink into unconsciousness, in less than 4 hours. However, to the outside world, the person appears to be dead. Even to a trained medical professional, its hard to tell that these people are still alive, and only one who has seen this affliction before will know its signs. These signs include a temporary loss of coagulation in the blood stream of the infected, a pale color to the skin, and all veins appear blue in color.

Then the second stage comes. This usually comes anywhere from 8 hours to a couple of days, the infected rises again. In the vast majority of cases, the infected rises as a bloodbeast, an uncontrollable cannibal thirsting for the blood of any living person. It must feed off of at least a quart of blood per day in order to survive, but this won't prevent it from gourging itself, and it can consume up to 20 quarts in a single day. The creature is barely conscious, but it will communicate with others of its kind and even take orders from Scynthian Vampires. When these creatures bite, they automatically transfer the Bloodburn Virus, which only creasts Bloodbeasts. They have no control over this, though, the creatues typically do too much harm for their victims to rise successfully as Bloodbeasts. However, the Bloodbeasts lose interest in thier prey as soon as the virus imbeds itself in their victims.

A select few will rise from the second stage no as Bloodbeasts, but as Scynthian Vampires. Given dark gifts of strength, intelligence, and speed they need one quart of blood per day to survive. However, as they consume more blood, they grow in power.

Both Bloodbeasts and Scynthian Vampires are adverse to the Sunlight. Bloodbeasts are sensitive to light, and will not go out into it, unless under fear of pain or death. However, despite disorientation that the light gives them, Bloodbeasts don't lose much power. Scynthian Vampires, however, are not only sensitive to the light, but they lose much of their power while in the light, and are thus incredibly vulnerable. It doesn't kill them, so they will move through it if need be.

What do ya'll think? Zombie-like Bloodbeasts and the Scythian Vampiric Masterminds, right?

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