Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

Oh, I love Halloween, despite the fact that I was inside all night, because I was expecting I would have a tour tonight. God forbid that I should expect a Ghost Tour's busiest night would be halloween, right? Anyhow, never got so much as an email, so what did I get done?

I marketed the blog tonight, and watch the Chiller Halloween movie marathon. Im a huge horror movie geek, so I loved every second of it. Especially the coverage of the 2009 eyegore awards.

Included in the awards were awards for upcoming indie movies, very short, but some of them incredibly good. Some that stood out to me:

Samaritan: About a, you guessed it, good Samaritan, who stops on the road and discovers what he thinks is a woman in trouble. Zombie madness ensues! Approximately thirty seconds long.

Lamaze of the Dead: What would happen at a Lamaze class in the midst of Z-Day? This film explores that. However, given the nature of communications, the viral would probably be proceeded by its own reputation, thus safely eliminating the chance for such a happening. Its still quite a funny short. Approximately 30 seconds long.

Bedfellows: The first place winner. Definately worthwhile...see if you can't download it. Excellent makeup. It'll make you think twice whenever you wake up in the middle of the night!

So definately, all films worth a view! I hope yall had a happy Halloween! Night Everyone!

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